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Archetypal Tea Blend
dark chocolate • orchard • wineberry

As one of the most important constellations in the night sky, Ursa has always been part of the human imaginary. Inspired by the Great Bear, Ursa blends antioxidant-rich superfruits with finely crafted Yunnan teas. This luscious tea delivers a velvety mouthfeel, full of ripe berry and chocolate.


Norma: 14-20 Servings

Grandis: 28-40 Servings

Pergrandis: 42-60 Servings

Enorme: 70-100 Servings

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Proprietary blend of black Yunnan teas,* blueberries,* maqui berries,* raspberries,* red wine grape skins,* hawthorn leaf,* cacao nibs*—

*certified organic

Contains caffeine

Ursa is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants that protect cells and DNA from free radical damage and premature aging, and hmay help stabilize blood sugars, promote heart health, and improve skin radiance.

Steep 1 TBS (6g) of Ursa in 8 oz hot water [205ºF] for 3-5 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps.

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