We believe every cup of tea should help create healthier bodies & ecologies.

High Vibe Tea & Botanicals

We source our teas and botanicals from growers who are committed to organic and regenerative agriculture that actively improves soil health, helps restore healthy watersheds, increases biodiversity, and that ultimately produces some of the cleanest, most vibrant botanicals available.

Supporting Small Local & Regional Growers

We partner with many independently owned and women-led growers who are dedicated to the principles of organic, regenerative, biodynamic, fairtrade, and zero-waste agriculture. We invest in local and regional communities and ecologies in a conscious effort to help expand biodiverse, regenerative, and organic agriculture across the U.S. The purity, health, and vibrancy of our botanicals is second to none.

Regenerative & Biodynamic Agriculture

Regenerative and Biodynamic agriculture is about the synergy between nature and sustainable practices, focusing on both the thriving of each plant, as well as the nutritive contribution every plant gives back to its ecosystem. This method of agriculture prioritizes the health and revitalization of local and regional ecosystems.

We partner with regional growers who are committed to building rich and diverse soil ecologies, reducing water usage and improving watersheds, protecting local habitats, and building biodiversity.

Supporting Artisan Tea for Smallholders

We support small, artisan tea growers, or small family tea producers who are often growing tea in backyard gardens or small family tea gardens in China, India, and Nepal. These growers use sustainable, regenerative, and organic growing methods and produce highly unique, completely hand-made, small-batch teas. Supporting smallholdings tea producers offers a way for local communities to wrest back the culture and artistry of tea cultivation and production from the vast tea estates and monocultures that have long dominated and controlled tea production across most tea-producing countries.