Plant-guided Tea & the Art of Rewilding

Inspired by its namesake, Artemis is devoted to preserving the sanctity of the natural world by rewilding the human heart and spirit through the art of plant-guided tea craft. Each of our blends is a bridge—an opportunity for intimate encounter between human and plant—and a reverent collaboration between Andrea, our Founder, Clinical Herbalist, and Master Tea Blender, and the plants she works with, is healed by, and from whom she is continuously learning.



A panacea of wild plant medicines, featuring Greek mountain tea, yellow clover, chamomile, and blue butterfly peaflower.
Grown with Love


Our teas and botanicals are grown, harvested, and processed with the utmost devotion, mastery, and love.
teas for sun, moon, & rising signs


Crafted in alignment with the ancient art of Astroherbalism.
Clean, High vibe teas & botanicals


We partner with organic, biodynamic, & regenerative tea and herb growers.

Ritual tea blends crafted in intimate relationship with nature's cycles & seasons —

Artemis is devoted to the Plant Path — or, to being an instrument of plant healing and connection. Each Signature blend is crafted from the purest, most mindfully grown teas and botanicals to pique our vegetal curiosity, and help deepen our sense of intimacy with plants and the rhythms of nature.


Explore our blends in deeper intimacy with seasonally curated ritual tools, recipes, herbal remedies & reflections, books, and quarterly kinship gatherings

Unrivaled botanical variety —

Our ritual blends offer potent, professionally-formulated plant medicine with unsurpassed taste and quality. We utilize over 250 unique and rare plant species across our Signature offerings, making our ritual blends truly one-of-a-kind.


Explore the folklore, poetry, and plant medicine at the heart of our blends

Cultivating a Healthier, More Equitable Future

Over 95% of our teas and botanicals are certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted. Whenever possible we source from small sustainable farms.

We are proud to offer you some of the highest quality teas and plant medicines available. We mindfully source our ingredients from predominately small and ethical farms in the Midwest, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, China, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka. Our growing partners are committed to organic and regenerative agriculture that actively improves soil health, helps restore healthy watersheds, and that increases biodiversity.

Ritual Teaware

Our curated selection of teaware focuses on enhancing the experience of daily tea ritual—from must-have staples to artisan-made pieces crafted to comfort & inspire.


Explore our exciting curation of plant-inspired books from across literary genres.

Artemis Merch

Show off your love of Artemis!

Candles + Gifts

Explore our beautiful curation of scents and gifts that pair perfectly with our Signature blends.

Kind Words


"My favorite tea! Every sip feels like spiritual experience! My sister in law requests it regularly because it helps her sleep through the night. Everyone needs to try [Oracle]!"

Hampton, VA

"I have struggled with sleep for years. I have chronic pain that gets worse if I don't get regular adequate sleep. This tea has completely transformed my sleep. I have never slept through the whole night, and woken up so well rested before. I recommend [Hypnos] tea to everyone I know. It tastes amazing. This tea has truly helped me improve my health in ways I didn't think possible. I am very thankful to have found this wonderful company at the farmers market."

Omaha, NE

"Highest quality teas that are artfully created. Best blends with beautiful products—I love seeing the fruits or flower left in my strainer. These are my favorite teas hands down!!! Amazing quality I enjoy daily!"

Wilmington, DE

"Wow!!! We are in love with Hypnos tea: smells amazing, tastes phenomenal and gives you that ahhhh warm feeling after a long day. Helps my Husband and I relax and drift off to sleepy dream land. Highly recommend! I'd give 100 stars if I could it's soooooo good!"

Thornton, CO

"I'm really amazed. I have severe menstrual cycles, including PMDD, even with hormonal birth control. I've tried a lot of herbal support over the years, but Lunae was absolutely incredible. I think it's really helped decrease severity of cramps, heaviness of flow, bloating and overall malaise. Definitely worth a shot if you've tried it all for severe cycles!"

Glenside, PA
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