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Reestablishing intimacy between people and plants has always been the root & the heart of why we're here.
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Our Story

Artemis is born from a calling I was unable to shake, out-run, or ignore. While I had been hearing the quiet callings of the Plant Path since childhood, I had managed to mostly overlook and play ignorant when it came to acknowledging what the full implications would be of that calling—right up until my Saturn return. Upon entering my thirties, the universe suddenly sped up my slow epiphany with a series major gobsmacks—or, painful, traumatic, and sometimes inexplicable obstacles, roadblocks, struggles, and set backs that forced me to step back and really assess what was blocking the flow of energy and deeper joy in my life. At the same time, the universe had also been presenting me with continuous array of opportunities to focus more deeply on my relationship with plants and plant medicine, particularly through the art of tea. As I explored these opportunities, I felt the plants around me shift—leaning in or towards me in a way they never had before, so I leaned back. When they sensed my heart was opening, they acted swiftly and efficiently at winning it away quite utterly.

Over the course of a year or two, I experienced what I can only describe as a kind of vegetal awakening—like an ancient vegetal consciousness had woken up or turned on in my DNA. St. Hildegard Von Bingen’s term “viriditas,” which she coined in the 11th century, comes the closest to explaining the experience. Viriditas means “greening power” and refers to the green creative force that is inherent in all life, and that calls us to be “fruitful, vibrant co-creators with the Divine” (Szymko). I interpret the experience of veriditas as a lush, green vitality felt a the cellular level, and along the spine. This feeling floods the heart, brain, and body when in the proximity of plants. To me, veriditas is the feeling of falling deeply in love with the essence of green vitality and becoming one with the green impulse to grow, create, and produce. It is a sense of intimacy with everything that vines, climbs, twists, and roots down; and, a rapturous longing for the vital earth as well as the desire to be contiguous with it.

Suddenly, if felt impossible not to devote myself to the well-being of plants and to plant medicine. My green friends had persuaded me. It was time to change course, and reimagine the purpose, shape, and possibility of all of the learning and experience I had been accumulating. At its deepest root, Artemis is a love story that charts my experience of falling irrevocably in love with the vegetal world and never looking back. Plants are magical beings, and Artemis exists to share the experience of that magic, wonder, and plant healing with you through the ancient craft of tea.

Artemis Tea & Botanical, Est. 2016

Our Mission

Tea is the Bridge We Build

Artemis honors the intrinsic connection between people and plants. We bring attention back to the importance of the vegetal world to strengthen our sense of connection with them. When we rediscover the vibrant healing relationship possible between human beings and the plant world, we are naturally compelled to create a more sustainable relationship with our planet.

Pure, delicious teas are real medicine. While "tea" traditionally refers to the leaves of camellia sinensis, there are myriad other plants that both sensorily tantalize and possess enticing healing properties. Artemis taps into all layers of the vegetal world both cultivated and wild, from trees and bushes, to climbing vines and blossoming herbs. Every part of the plant is incorporated in our teas—stems, seeds, roots, bark, leaves, berries, and flowers. 

We care passionately about plants and the health of the environment. Where and how plants are grown, harvested, processed, blended, and packaged matters. You can be sure that each cup of Artemis tea is full of love and intention—from planting to packaging.

Our blends are built to accompany you on any daily aspiration. Whether it be for taste and inspiration, habit or healing, each cup counts for something wonderful. Let us introduce you!

Our Founder

Leading with passion & purpose

Andrea, Founder and Clinical Herbalist, is trained in the healing modalities of Traditional Western Herbalism, the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, and has been a Reiki Master and adept in Healing Touch for over 20 years. Her training also includes years of research and teaching as a doctoral student of Critical Plant Studies in 19th century British and American literature. 

The natural world has been Andrea’s lifelong fascination. She is most passionately alive, more full of magic and purpose while working with plants and ancient plant medicine. Her studies of the interconnection between the nonhuman and human worlds—from the history and philosophy of ancient alchemy, to quantum physics and vibrational healing, to studies in plant agency and vegetal consciousness, to ancient and modern North American and European herbalism and shamanic culture—all have contributed to the manifestation of Artemis. However, it is without a doubt the garden Andrea plants and tends year after year that offers her the greatest insight and wisdom. The real magic of healing, awareness, and understanding happens when we directly interact with plants on a regular basis.