Spring Ritual Bundle

Spring Ritual Bundle

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There is nothing quite like the scent of plants re-emerging from the thawing ground, and the immediate zing of hopeful optimism that floods our system as we inhale those long anticipated aromas. Our Spring Collection muses upon spring’s gentle unfurling within and without, featuring tender spring teas like downy Silver Needles and White Peony; sweet, green Maofeng and high floral oolong; as well as delicate floral and fruit notes of lilac, jasmine, and honeysuckle, papaya, and wild blackberry. Our curation of teas speak directly to the heart, and vibe with the celebratory delight of springtime.

LIRAZEL - Wild Blackberry + Rose White
Inspired by the ancient lore of Elfland – a place that lies beyond the woodland's farthest edge, past deeply-purpled thickets, between the light of dusk and star-set. Notes of evening flowers, wild blackberries, honey, and songs lost to time.

LYRA - White Jasmine Rose
Lyra brews a pale gold liquor with soft, sweet aromas of gardenia, rose, jasmine and marigold honey, rounded by delicate, savory notes of toasted mousse. Lyra is crafted to be a quintessential meditation tea, perfect for silence, reflection, healing the emotional heart, and promoting a deeper sense of connection and well being. This is something we think we all can benefit from at this time.

PERSEPHONE - Floral Green Oolong
Named after the goddess of the spring, Persephone features a rare, high elevation oolong grown at the base of Hainan Island's inactive volcano craters, Persephone delivers a lush floral bouquet of lilac, jasmine, and honeysuckle balanced by savory-sweet notes of toasted barley and whipped oat cream.

Each collection brews 45-90 servings.

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