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Archetypal Tea Blend
Lucid Dream Tonic

wood violet •. sweet pea • pistachio cream

A nootropic dream tonic featuring Egypt’s sacred blue lotus, an herb used since ancient times to enhance consciousness and feelings of divine connection. Promotes lucid dreaming, relaxation, and gentle euphoria. Notes of wood violet, snap pea, and pistachio cream.

The plant medicines we turn towards in the late fall and early winter are those that teach our bodies, minds, and spirits how to make a healthful and complete transition into the energetic demands of the season. Many of our best plant allies for this time of year are those that ground and calm our nervous system (like valerian and kava kava root), helping us relearn how to slow down and transition into a more relaxed, receptive state of being. Nervines such as lavender, mugwort, hawthorn leaf/flower, and california poppy are distinctly restorative to the nervous system and emotional heart, and in the case of blue lotus and skullcap—antispasmodic—thus helping our bodies release built up tension, ease cramps, and reduce pain. 

Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea), in particular, is a powerful plant ally revered since ancient times. The Ancient Egyptians regarded it as sacred, and reproduced its likeness everywhere—on temple pillars, in tombs, on papyrus scrolls and stone altars, on sacred headdresses . . . Its medicine was thought to be a tonic capable of bringing the human mind into closer contact with the mind and will of the gods. The plant contains nuciferan (an antispasmodic) which both relaxes the body and produces feelings of gentle euphoria. It was also thought to be an aphrodisiac and remedy for erectile disfunction. Other uses for blue lotus are as a treatment for gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, indigestion, insomnia, and chronic stress.

Norma: 16-21 Servings
Grandis: 32-37 Servings
Pergrandis: 48-53 Servings
Enorme: 80-85 Servings

Blue lotus flower,* hawthorn leaf and flower,* california poppy,* gotu kola,* blue butterfly pea flower,* jujube leaf,* green tea leaf (CO2 decaf),* blackberry leaf,* mugwort,* cornflower,* jasmine blossom*—

*certified organic ingredient


Inspired by the ancient Pythia, or Oracle of Delphi, this special blend is crafted with revered botanicals that strengthen pituitary function and enhance intuition, memory, and lucid dreaming. Rich in powerful antioxidants, particularly anthocyanin. Antispasmodic. Helpful for treating nervous tension, chronic stress and some types of insomnia.

*Not suitable for pregnant women.

**Crafted to be used before bedtime only. Do not drink before operating heavy machinery or driving. Can cause feelings of sleepiness.

Steep 1 TBS (3g) of Oracle in 8 oz hot water [200ºF] for 8-10 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps.

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