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Archetypal Tea Blend

bramble wildberries rosé

Vegetal with notes of sweet dark berries, rose brambles, and elderberry wine. This Moon cycle tonic is a creation of love, in line with the energies of the seasons, the new and dark moons, hibernation, and renewal.

In ancient mythology, Nyx— Goddess of the Night—is arguably the most primordial of all archetypes: she represents the fertile (womb of) darkness from which all creation emerges. As such, our new Nyx moon cycle tonic is crafted to invoke us into a quiet, restorative retreat, particularly during the week leading up to, and during menses—it is specially formulated to help us honor our health, well-being, and physical and emotional limits. As the blackberry plant teaches, creating healthy boundaries for ourselves is important.

Ancient Chinese Medicine teaches that during moontime, women should retreat and stay mostly in bed for the first four days of their cycle—giving their bodies permission to slow down, rest, be present to the process, which ultimately reduces blood loss and increases health and longevity. During moontime, it is taught that women should drink teas and warm broths, be fed nourishing foods, and give their minds and bodies a small bit of space and time to honor and reflect upon the process of regeneration and renewal their bodies are working to accomplish. As Herbalist Marysia Miernowska explains, this practice of retreat, tea, and nourishment can help heal hormonal imbalances, reduce duration of bleeding, and reduce cramps and PMS in future cycles.

Nyx tea is your invitation to practice this ancient self-care practice as a powerful tool for realigning with your body’s ability to regenerate itself (Miernowska). And, though it may be difficult to imagine having time for such a practice—since modern life certainly gives no woman permission to slow down, decrease productivity, or even acknowledge her moon cycle at all—Nyx is an important reminder that we may indeed give ourselves the gift of this time, space, and self-nurture. It is a tea specially formulated with plant allies that support a healthy cycle, and that help draw us back into the unique mystery and beauty of moontime.


Norma: 14-20 Servings

Grandis: 28-40 Servings

Pergrandis: 42-60 Servings

Enorme: 70-100 Servings

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Lady’s mantle,* oat straw,* blackberry leaf and fruit,* bilberry leaf and fruit,* raspberry leaf,* elderberry,* hawthorn leaf and flower,* lavender.*

*certified organic


Healing attributes include but are not limited to helping reduce heavy flow, regulating irregular moon cycles, alleviating cramps and PMS, toning the uterus and pelvic area postpartum, and may also be beneficial for alleviating symptoms of fibroids, endometriosis, and menopausal hot flashes and night sweating.

Steep 1 TBS (4g) of Nyx in 8 oz hot water [206ºF] for 6-8 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps.

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