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Ancient Medicine Tea Blend
Gardenia   Jasmine   Toasted mousse

Lyra brews a pale gold liquor with soft, sweet aromas of gardenia, rose, jasmine and marigold honey, rounded by delicate, savory notes of toasted mousse. Lyra is crafted to be a quintessential meditation tea, perfect for silence, stillness, healing the emotional heart, and promoting a deeper sense of connection and well being.

Lyra is an extraordinary collaboration project between Artemis and The Lemurian Rose, featuring healing botanicals + crystal energies that have been used since ancient times to open, connect, and ground the heart center and crown (spirit). This tea has been “midwifed” in that it has been taken through careful stages of cleansing and energetic charging. Lyra has been bathed in the light of the Full Pink Moon, and charged with specially curated Scarlet Temple lemurian crystals, a rare, singing “Ancient” lemurian crystal, and reiki energy. Each package of tea comes with a small lemurian crystal, also cleansed and charged in the Full Pink Moon. 

Lemurian crystals are used in healing and meditation to open the heart and crown centers, and attune the channel that connects our chakras. In crystal vibrational medicine, lemurians are used to draw up healing Earth energy and bring down higher, subtle energies through the crown to connect and integrate in the heart center (Hall). This process helps clear blockages in the chakras and meridians, and promotes a sense of profound connection between ourselves, others, and the natural world. Lemurian crystals are revered for their ability to help awaken, expand, and integrate a higher level of consciousness.

Lyra features an exquisite White Hair Silver Needle tea produced in Fujian Province, China. Silver Needles are one of the most sought after teas in the world because they are so rare. These top buds of the Yin Zhen cultivar are plucked while they still have their silvery white down, which is only for 2-3 days out of the entire year. These sweet, delicate buds are blended with lotus leaf, rose, and jasmine—sacred botanicals that have long been used to nurture the heart and spirit, and promote an expanded awareness.


Norma: 14-20 Servings

Grandis: 28-40 Servings

Pergrandis: 42-60 Servings

Enorme: 70-100 Servings


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Proprietary blend of rare organic white and green teas,* rose petals,* jasmine blossoms* lotus leaf* —

*certified organic

Contains caffeine

When consumed on a regular basis, the teas and botanicals in Lyra may help improve cognitive function and memory, help reduce risk of stroke, raise metabolism, increase immune response against myriad diseases and bacteria, improve bone density, increase antioxidant activity in the body, and help lower LDL cholesterol levels. White tea and green tea contain antioxidants that are known to fight and kill cancer-causing cells. White teas is specifically shown to help combat fatigue, prevent tooth decay, and substantially prevent cancerous polyp growth in the colon.

Steep 1 TBS (4g) of Lyra in 8 oz hot water [205ºF] for 3-5 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps to prevent aromatic oils from escaping.

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