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Archetypal | Seasonal - Spiced Orange Tisane

mulled cherry • blood orange • yuzu • fig

Gryphon is a luscious fusion of autumn fruits and spices that conquer the senses, boost immunity and digestive health, and set the spirit alight. Notes of spiced yuzu, blood orange, fig, cinnamon, and sweet stewed cherry.


Norma: 14-20 Servings

Grandis: 28-40 Servings

Pergrandis: 42-60 Servings

Enorme: 70-100 Servings

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Cherry,* mango,* apple, orange wedge, currant,* fig,* cascara, cinnamon,* red & white hibiscus,* anise,* ginger,* blackberry leaf, passionfruit, rosemary,* orange extract, essence of orange,*orange blossom, cornflower petals —


Featuring superfruits and spices rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Gryphon is the ultimate core wellness tonic. Drink liberally to support digestive, cardiovascular, neurovascular, immune, eye, liver, pancreatic, and blood  sugar health. Helps reduce systemic inflammation.

Steep 1 TBS (8g) of Gryphon in 8 oz hot water [203ºF] for 8-10 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps.

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