Focus Ritual Box

Focus Ritual Box

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Our Focus collection brings together our best-selling blends for mental clarity, insight, and focus, featuring plant allies used for centuries to boost blood flow to the brain, help ease symptoms of mental overstimulation and overwhelm, and that promote firm but gentle grounding.

Focus Ritual Box includes:

Einstein  - Anti-inflammatory, particularly to cerebral tissues, and an outstanding aid for brain fog, confusion, depression, anxiety, ADHD, restlessness, headaches, memory loss. Also for improved mental capacity and function. (caffeine-free).

Jade Matcha - This premium matcha blend is loaded with vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that gently help tonify, balance, detoxify, and energize the body. (contains caffeine).

Saga - Mushrooms are among the most studied plant medicines in the herbal pharmacopeia because of their seeming super-powers. From seriously boosting immune health, to both combating and preventing cancer, to reducing systemic inflammation, to regenerating both nerve and neural tissues, to helping restore entire ecosystems—mushrooms are, quite simply, extraordinary. Saga utilizes three fungi “super-foods”— chaga, lionsmane, and red reishi. (caffeine-free).

This collection brews 50-80 servings.

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