Femme Ritual Box

Femme Ritual Box

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Our Femme Ritual Box features blends crafted to support hormone balance, a healthy moon-cycle, and that nourish both blood and libido. Circe is a heart-soothing aphrodisiac potion that supports healthy libido and the balance of yin/yang. Lunae is a powerful moon-cycle potion that eases cramping, bloating, and other PMS and period-related symptoms. Nyx is a moon tonic that helps bring us into deeper alignment with the energies of the dark and new moons, as well as provide blood tonification for those who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding.

Femme Ritual Box includes:

Circe - Sweet and aromatic, with notes of tart raspberry and spice. This aphrodisiac blend helps enliven the senses and our awareness of ourselves as physical beings, and to balance masculine and feminine energies within an individual (yin/yang). (caffeine-free).

Lunae - A powerful synergy of time-honored plant medicines that reduce cramping, heavy flow, bloating, and general discomfort during moon-time. Earthy notes of hawthorn berry, honeyed dandelion root, thistledown, and chamomile créme. (caffeine-free).

Nyx - Vegetal with notes of sweet dark berries, rose brambles, and elderberry wine. This Moon tonic is a creation of love, in line with the new and dark moons, hibernation, and renewal and can be used by all beings who wish to create deeper intimacy with lunar cycles and the healing dark. For beings with a uterus, this is a tonifying blend that helps regulate heavy bleeding and reduce menstrual cramping when used regularly throughout the cycle (caffeine-free).

Each collection brews 45-65 servings.

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