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Archetypal Tea Blend
Pomegranate Clove Fig

A sultry, aphrodisiac potion featuring red lotus, hibiscus, and ripe schisandra berry, crafted to boost intimacy and set the mood. Brews a velvety crimson liquor that’s a little tart, a little sweet, and unabashedly sexy. Notes of ripe pomegranate wine, red lotus, and fig.


Norma: 14-20 Servings

Grandis: 28-40 Servings

Pergrandis: 42-60 Servings

Enorme: 70-100 Servings

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Elderberry,* pomegranate aril,* schisandra berry,* red lotus petal,* red grape, hibiscus petal,* almond,* fig,* clove* —

*certified organic

Promotes ambience and intimacy. Red lotus petals lend a mild euphoric energy, while adaptogenic schisandra berry and lotus tonify and boost sexual vibes. Ripe pomegranate, sultry clove, and fig stimulate the tongue and tastebuds and excite the imagination. Schisandra is a master adaptogen used in TCM to tonify & strengthen kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen, and heart, and to improve sexual function in men and women.

Steep 1 TBS (6g) of Eros in 8 oz hot water [206ºF] for 10-12 minutes. It is always best to cover your tea as it steeps.

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