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Explore the limitless cross-pollination between plants, thought, and literature.

Reimagining Plants

Our literary curation focuses upon the fascinatingly complex and endlessly alluring relationship between human beings and the vegetal world. 

Below, you can discover the secrets of ancient plant myth, magic, and medicine; celebrated works of plant philosophy and cultural history; recent publications on the science of plant intelligence; medicinal gardening and plant care; leading thought in Mycology and the world of fungi in medicine, holistic healthcare, and regenerative technologies; as well as books about Ayurveda, Traditional Western Herbalism, Chinese Medicine, and much more.

Plants are the foundation of life, and so any effort to improve our understanding and relationship with the vegetal has the ability to improve the quality not only of our own lives, but the quality of all lives.

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: Dear Reader, we hope you love our book curation, and that you discover something here that strikes a deep chord of resonance and wonder!

We understand that you might find many of these books on Amazon; however, it is our hope that you will appreciate the time and professional expertise of this curation and consider supporting our independent business with your book purchase.

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