Rest Ritual Box

Rest Ritual Box

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This essential collection features our chillest, most relaxing blends that help reduce symptoms of stress, calm mild anxiety, ease mental tension, promote healthy rest, and encourage lucid dreaming.

Rest Ritual Box includes:

Hypnos - Red poppy is one of the most revered flowers in the world and has been since ancient times. Combined with hops flower and magnolia bark, this powerful herbal promotes mild euphoria and healthy sleep. Notes of sandalwood, sweet earth, and currants (caffeine-free).

Nocturne - Nocturne helps ease and relax the body and mind in preparation for quiet slumber. Grounding and sensually uplifting, Nocturne is smooth, fragrant, and gently intoxicating. Great for over-thinkers. Try with cream and honey for a calming before-bedtime treat (caffeine-free).

Oracle - A nootropic dream tonic featuring Egypt’s sacred blue lotus, an herb used since ancient times to enhance consciousness and feelings of divine connection. Promotes lucid dreaming, relaxation, and gentle euphoria. Notes of wood violet, snap pea, and pistachio cream (caffeine-free).

This collection brews 45-65 servings. 

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